MIM Devotions for Men App

Get the new, FREE devotional app from Man in the Mirror and GoTandem/Back to the Bible for your smart phone or tablet!

The MIM Devotions for Men App is a powerful tool for men on the journey to Biblical manhood. This devotional app gives you a daily dose of Scripture and teaching targeted towards men. Everything in this app is designed for men like you: with busy careers and active families, husbands, fathers, grandfathers, and retired men. Check out these great features:

  • Daily devotions delivered right to your phone
  • Each devotion includes a key verse, devotional reading, and questions you can use for discussion and journaling
  • Integrated note-taking feature allows you to record your thoughts right in the app
  • The One-Year Bible Reading Plan is integrated into the devotional
  • Customize your experience further with a short Spiritual Growth Assessment
  • Sign up for up to 12 additional messages each day in a variety of forms—text, audio and video
  • Save your favorites and share via social media

Important Set-up Instructions (click to see thumbnail):

1.) To subscribe to the Daily Devotions, first tap the menu icon in the upper left

2.) Tap “My Tracks” in the menu.

3.) Tap the plus sign (+) in the upper right corner

4.) You will then see the Daily Devotions track. Tap on that track.

5.) Click on “Subscribe.”

6.) You can then change when you receive the devotions.

Note: the delivery date is on the top for Android, and on the bottom for iPhones.